Ohio house bill 19 dating violence

Current Ohio law only recognizes domestic violence as violence occurring between spouses, those cohabiting or family members.

Ohio victims have been unjustly neglected for too long, and it is far past time Ohio catches up and provides for their protection under the law.” – Rep.HB 19 mandates that all schools in the state of Ohio address dating violence prevention through education and policy.The Tina Project™ is a collaboration of Ohio organizations working together to assist schools and communities as they respond to the requirements of HB 19.“Every Ohioan deserves equal protection under the law in the face of domestic violence, regardless of their relationship status,” said House Minority Leader Fred Strahorn (D-Dayton).“I applaud this institution and my colleagues for coming together to lead this bipartisan effort to modernize Ohio’s domestic violence laws and protect vulnerable Ohioans.” Women aged 18 to 24 face the highest rates of intimate partner violence.

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