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Well, according to the data, the reality looked more like that: "Speed Seduction" is in blue, "Mystery Method" in red.I'll conclude this post with the other old timer of the scene, David De Angelo. You wouldn't quite guess this is you look at this: He began mentioning those multi-million figures during a time when his popularity was already nosediving.Starte yung the groomeing, fore kittins growe to luv it, & looke foreword to groomeing tyme.When yore frend catte remayneth still, yew shood alwayes prayse hym & givve hur a treet & a massajé thate shood laste fur won hower.Coz Wotta & me dyd fite atte furst, & she doth say to I, "Bewayre! " But I dyd notte beleeve that Dame, & then won day arouunde we dyd went, & after she dyd wynne, I dyd coporate ever afta, so as notte to gette scratchéd agen."Once you see her, you will never forget her" is exactly true, when you're talking about DWT. She had the audience in the palm of her hand & blew us away by accurately revealing our inner thoughts!I haven't looked at his websites for years, but the last time I checked it, it had a picture of him and a Bentley or Maybach, or some other car worthy of a man of his stature. It seems that this graph is lacking some "emotional spikes": Who's missing?

Wonce yore catte duth gets yewsed to the groomeing she will looke forewurd to it eeche day, bothe the groomeing & the fite.

She divulged phone numbers, social security numbers, personal addresses & the names of lovers, all while still making us laugh, smile and dance!

" barriers of race and custom disappeared because of her phenomenal audience interaction.

Brushe yore companyon welle to remoove lost hair, and helpe welle to prevent the sadde riske. Iffen the catte cannut be abel to gette a hairball out, it coude ende in a blokkaje of the intestynicals. Cattes that have the long hayre neede to be brushéd & cowméd eeche daye, whyle cattes with the shorte hayre neede to be grooméd eeche weeke.

Blokkajes are very sirius, and can quikklie becum a dammabel swyne murddera of yore catte! Starte the brusheing along the catte's backe, frum his fyne reegel hed to hys fyne ferry tale.

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